Confirmed Speakers

Nicolas Gisin – University of Geneva

Prof. Gisin is a pioneer in quantum communication and cryptography. He will discuss what quantum physics can tell us on causality and determinism.

Aapo Hyvärinen – University of Helsinki

Prof. Hyvärinen is a leading expert in machine learning. He will discuss how data structure can be leveraged to identify causal links in complex data.

Li-Jun Ji – Queens’ University

Prof. Ji is a renowned specialist of the links between culture and behaviour. She will present the cultural differences in the perception of time.

Karthika Mohan -Oregon State University

Prof. Mohan is an expert in causal inference and machine learning. She will discuss the role of causality for improving artificial intelligence.

Jonas Peters – University Copenhagen

Prof. Peters is an expert in causal inference. He will present the latest advances and discuss the most prominent challenges of this field.

Gesa Hartwigsen – Max Planck Institute

Dr. Hartwigsen is an expert in cognitive neuroscience. She will discuss how noninvasive brain stimulation techniques enable causal inference in cognitive neuroscience experiments.

Daniel Coelho de Castro – Microsoft Research

Dr. Coelho de Castro is an expert in causality and probabilistic modelling. He will illustrate how causal reasoning can help characterise practical challenges in machine learning for healthcare.

Mats Stensrud – EPFL

Prof. Stensrud develops causal inference methods. He will discuss application and interpretation challenges of causal tools in biostatistics.